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High Pressure Cleaning Car Brass Water Gun

$27.90 USD

This magic high-pressure wand is a normal power washer sprayer nozzle with 2 spray tips, one is the jet stream, one is fan spray. Ideal for garden watering, agricultural irrigation, car washing, household cleaning, pet cleaning, etc.

Using an extended soft wand, the power washer wand can easily reach places that are usually difficult to clean, such as the roof of the car and the gutter. Easily and fast efficiently connect washer gun and water hose without leaking to meet the different situations.


  • Made of high-quality material, safe and durable to use.  
  • Can be used in garden, washing car, etc.
  • Compact and small size, easy to carry with.
  • TPR handle, more easy and comfortable to grip.
  • Spraying distance up to 15m, more convenient to use.


  • Material: Aluminum alloy, Copper, TPR
  • Color:Blue & Silver
  • Water Pressure: 25kg
  • Spraying distance: 15m
  • Item Length: 75cm
  • Hole:3mm

Package included:
1* High-Pressure Washer Gun  


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