The Everlasting Gift

Airpod Charging Stand

$18.99 USD

MODERN CHARGING STATION: Compatible with AirPods 1&2, compatible with Apple TV remote, compatible with Apple Pencil: If you have experienced our D Stand, you will know exactly what to expect with this stand. Your charging case fits perfectly into the designed groove and will charge flawlessly once a lighting cable is installed.

LONG-LASTING: Due to the simple design of the stand, we were able to make sure that your charging case will always have the perfect companion to come home to.

MATERIAL: By making the stand out of silicone, we can guarantee that the stand was made with non-toxic materials that protect your charging case.

COMPATIBILITY: The groove designed for the charging case is an exact fit - it will not fit with a cover. Installing the cable may be difficult due to the tightness, but without this factor, the product would not stand when charging. Though difficult, we recommend persevering.

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