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Household Rotary Mop

$76.55 USD

A new type of rotating mop, brush, wash, three effects, solve the problem of dead angle cleaning. Rotary brushing is more thorough, 360° all-round cleaning, efficient, and easy to clean.

Flexible operation, 360° rotation is flexible, suitable for different home environments, dead corners can also be cleaned. Modern design, 360° rotating convection reverses washing hair, easy to wash hair, dust, dirt.


  • Save space, labour, and water
  • Automatic elution, no manual lifting required
  • It can be used for large area decontamination, wet and dry
  • The pallet folding design can clean wall joints, ceilings, etc.


  • Water absorption: less than 10s
  • Mop material: microfiber
  • Mop bucket size: 34cm*20cm
  • Drive Type: single drive
  • Dehydration rate: 90% (inclusive) - 100% (inclusive)
  • Rod material: stainless steel
  • Number of mops: 2
  • Telescopic length: 105cm-135cm
  • Mop lever type: Reinforcement rod + plastic tray

Package Content

  • 1*Mop
  • 1*Mop bucket
  • 2*cloth or 4*cloth

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