The Everlasting Gift

Pet Paw Washer Cup

$33.99 USD

Does your dog keep messing up your floors? Don’t worry! This Paw Cleaning Mug is what they need!

Dogs get dirty, and they don't care one bit about tracking that dirt through your house. It seems as if dog paws are designed to trap as much dirt, mud, and grass as possible.

Take extra care of your dog cleaning up his little paws with his Paw Cleaner Mug.
Just add some water and introduce your dog’s paw, then just press the handle three to five times and the mug brushes will start spinning.

Your dog’s paw will shine clean in seconds! If your dog's dirty paws are dulling your floors, take control of the situation and put an end to the parade of paw prints.


  • Material: Plastic and Silicone
  • Size: S M
  • Color: Pink, Blue
  • Suit: Small Medium Dogs Cats

Package Content:
1 x Foot Clean Cup

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