The Everlasting Gift

Sucker Turn Windmill Cat Toy

$19.99 USD

The suction cup base can be sucked on the floor, on the doors and windows, under the table, wherever you want to suck! There are 2 transparent bins on the round wind blade of the windmill.

You can place luminous balls, bells, and mint balls to attract the cat. If you gently turn the windmill, the cat will rotate, and the cat will not let go of its claws. There is also a furry face-lifting device. All designs fit the cat design and are comfortable and entertaining. One toy, multiple uses.


  • Name: Windmill Cat Toy
  • Material: Main body: TPR. Upper cover: Transparent PC
  • Size: 158X74X69mm
  • Color: yellow, green, lake blue

Package Content:
1 x Toy

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