The Everlasting Gift

Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speakers Wireless Charger

$187.89 USD

Magnetic Levitation Bluetooth Speaker: The levitation speaker uses magnetic levitation technology. The speaker is suspended in mid-air without touching anything and can play music during the rotation. And the levitation height is about 10-12mm.

Levitating UFO Lamp: Built-in LED light in the base. You can adjust the color of the light through the touch button on the base. You can use it as a desk lamp, night light, or ambient light.

Wireless Charging: The levitation Bluetooth speaker has a built-in 1200mAh battery. The charging time is 4 hours, and it can be played continuously for 15 hours each time it is fully charged. And during the use of the suspended soundbox, the suspended base can be wirelessly charged through the base.




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